The Kumir tomato checked by all: description of a grade and secrets of cultivation of tomatoes

All lovers of large-fruited, high-yielding varieties should pay attention to the "Idol". This is a very interesting type of tomato, it can bear fruit until late autumn, when other tomatoes no longer produce a crop. This is a rather old, proven form of tomatoes. He was bred by domestic experts, received state registration as a variety recommended for cultivation in greenhouse shelters and in open ground, in 1997.

What insects are considered pests of fields and gardens

Sooner or later, any summer resident - a gardener-gardener-grower - is confronted with such a scourge as pests that destroy planted plants with love. What kind of pests threaten gardens and vegetable gardens, and how to deal with them - let's look at this article. Whitefly Whitefly is a miniature butterfly of a whitish color, more like a mole, its body length does not exceed 3 mm.

Peculiarities of growing Hungarian lilac

Lilac is a shrub plant actively used in landscape design and decoration of sites, widely known for its long and abundant flowering. It is noted for its drought tolerance, light-loving and frost resistance. Life expectancy is about 90 years. This article, first of all, contains exhaustive information about Hungarian lilacs, its varieties, planting and caring for it and methods of its reproduction.

How to determine a false pregnancy in a rabbit

It is certainly beneficial and interesting to breed rabbits: these animals can be a source of income or please with their existence as a pet. But, like all representatives of the animal world, they have their own characteristics. In this article, we will talk about what a false pregnancy in rabbits is, why it occurs and how it can affect the female's physical and mental health.

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Sharing culinary secrets! How to cook frozen cauliflower in a frying pan?

Probably everyone is not indifferent to the tender and tasty cauliflower. You can cook this frozen vegetable in a pan very easily and quickly, in just a few minutes. Such a dish will be not only tasty and fragrant, but also useful. In addition, it is always possible to diversify all sorts of additions that will give a "zest" to the whole dish and make the taste unforgettable.

The strengths and weaknesses of apple trees Lada

Apple tree - is one of the oldest fruit trees grown by man. Apple trees differ in the time of harvest, so each variety has its own characteristics of cultivation and care. What kind is it? The variety of apple Lada refers to the winter variety of apple trees, which are characterized by a high degree of frost resistance.

Chicken Leggorn

Although today it is easy to find up to a dozen breeds and types of chickens, which are distinguished by good productivity, yet well-known breeds do not lose their relevance. In particular, one of these are the Leggorn hens, which for many years have been known to the whole world for their excellent characteristics.

How to insulate a chicken coop with your own hands

If you decide to breed chickens, then first of all you need to build a cozy house for them, in which they will be comfortable not only in the summer, but also in the winter cold. We offer you a guide for building a chicken coop from scratch, as well as recommendations on how it can be insulated for the winter and what kind of heating to equip inside.

Why does the rabbit grit its teeth and does not eat

People who breed rabbits are well aware that they have an excellent appetite. Animals can chew at least a whole day, but when the appetite disappears and at the same time the animal begins to grit its teeth, this is a cause for concern, since this situation speaks of a problem with Fuzzy. Consider why this occurs and how to handle it.

Wyandot Chickens: a combination of beauty and productivity

Chickens are among the very first birds that man has managed to domesticate. They bring indisputable benefits, as they allow to receive not only a sufficiently large amount of tasty and tender meat, but also throughout their life to provide the owners with healthy eggs. Even modern people, who are trying in every way to facilitate their lives and abandon the breeding of domestic animals, get rid of chickens at the very least.

Variety capable of growing in any conditions - “Codreanka” grapes

Codreanca is an unpretentious grape variety that easily adapts to various conditions. It actively grows and bears fruit on stony and sandy soils that are not particularly suitable for other crops. It requires a minimum of attention and care, thanks to which it brings a stable and large crop. Grapes Codreanca: description of the variety Berry Codreanci is very large, dark purple in color, close to black.

Poisonous exotica - spurge (ridge)

Indeed, the long “trunk” with a tuft of widely spread pedunculate leaves at the top looks like a palm tree silhouette, but the resemblance is purely external. Ribbed Euphorbia, also called comb or comb, includes a large family of plants with poisonous milky juice - Euphórbia, Euphorbia.