The rules of spring feeding apples

Each apple tree in the period of active growing season needs nutrients. Therefore, the further growth and fruiting of the crop depends on the timeliness and literacy of the fertilizers. How to fertilize apple trees in spring, which method to choose and what to bring at a particular stage of development - all this will be discussed later in the article.

How to cut pheasant fillets

Pheasant meat is a true delicacy, so every year a lot of hunters go to the forest to get this bird. However, after the long-awaited game has finally been harvested, a new problem arises in connection with the cutting of the bird. A pheasant carcass is notable for its special tenderness, and in order not to damage it when dressing, certain rules must be followed.

Useful Cranberry Composition for Women's Health

On the shelves of modern markets and supermarkets today you can find a huge selection of different berries. These are both local seasonal options and overseas delicacies. All of them are incredibly healthy and very tasty in their own way. In this article we will discuss one of the most famous and prominent representatives of the berry world - cranberries.

How to grow flowers golden ball in the garden?

Golden ball is a flower of great beauty that will decorate any garden or house territory. Bright, sunny flowers will surely cheer up and will look great in an ensemble with other plants. Botanical description of the species Rudbeckia dissected refers to perennial herbaceous plants whose height can reach three meters.

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How to plant and grow a variety of cucumber "April"

Cucumbers are among the most consumed vegetables in the world. They are used fresh or pickled. Many varieties and hybrids of this vegetable have been developed, making it very easy to grow cucumbers in most climatic zones. Today we will take a closer look at the April F1 cucumber variety, and the possibility of growing this hybrid at home.

Opportunities "Kirovtsa" in agriculture, the technical characteristics of the tractor K-9000

The Kirovets tractor of the K-9000 series is a model of the new sixth generation of machines manufactured at the famous St. Petersburg plant. The K-9000 tractor got a chance to exist thanks to the experience and application of the latest technological advances in this area. The machine has an incredibly high technical as well as operational characteristics, which allows it not only to not yield, but to surpass most foreign analogues in many ways.

Save the orchid from death. Why do leaves rot and how to stop it?

Orchid, a flower striking its beauty and unique flowering. The spread of the plant is gaining momentum. This is due to the fact that there are many different articles and forums on the cultivation and care of orchids. But even knowledgeable growers can not catch up with the pet, and this is fraught with the appearance of various problems, one of them is leaf rot.

How to care for strawberries during flowering, the best tips

Everyone knows the red, sweet, juicy berries called strawberries. To get a good full harvest, she needs to provide high-quality care not only during the active growing season, but also during flowering. Strawberry care is the proper irrigation, feeding, cleaning weeds, excess mustache and tilling the soil around the bushes.

Subtleties of planting and growing Canadian roses

North Canada has a rather harsh climate, and it is not easy to grow roses there. In the twentieth century, a state-funded project was created to remove frost-resistant pink shrubs. Scientists and breeders have achieved success in their work, the results of their work decorated not only the gardens and parks of Canada, but also the sites of roses lovers from different countries.

List of varieties of hot pepper for growing at home

Bitter pepper with great success can be grown not only in the garden, but at home, in pots. As a result, you get a delicious spice and a beautiful ornamental plant. Today, there are many varieties of indoor varieties on sale, but we will consider the most delicious and beautiful varieties of hot pepper for cultivation on the windowsill.

Veterinary drug "Kantaren": composition, dosage, instruction

Diseases of the genitourinary system - one of the most common among domestic animals. The rich experience of veterinary practice and the availability of modern and effective drugs make these problems quite solvable, the main thing is not to let the disease take its course and to treat pets in time. Among the drugs that are often prescribed to animals for the treatment of kidney diseases, urinary canals and related diseases, the most benign is Kantaren.

Goat diseases and features of their treatment

Goat is a popular pet that gives high-quality, healthy milk. She is unpretentious, adapts well to any conditions, eats almost all food, finds food easily and, with proper care and conditions, does not cause problems. Goats are rarely ill, but you need to know how to establish what the animal doesn’t do and how to treat it.

10 most common types of yucca

A beautiful houseplant Yucca is distinguished by a variety of species that have significant differences from each other. Therefore, if you want to diversify your home greenhouse, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the 10 most common types of yucca palm. Yucca aloelista (Yucca aloifolia) Among the varieties of yucca, this species is the most popular, due to the attractiveness of this houseplant and the lack of side shoots.

Is it possible to raise rabbits by the ears

After watching a movie or cartoons, which shows how some magician deftly pulls a rabbit out of his hat by the ears, many have the impression that this is the way to take the eared one. However, this opinion is incorrect. Breeders periodically need to move their pet from one place to another, take it out of the cage, take them to a veterinarian.