Secrets of the popularity of cabbage Glory. What good is this variety and how to distinguish it from others?

Cabbage Slava is very popular among gardeners, as it has great taste and good yield. Cabbage is consumed fresh in salads, but in a fermented state, its taste is incomparable with any such culture. All vegetable growers speak well of this crop and grow it with pleasure on their plots.

In this article, you can read its description and differences from other varieties, to learn about the purposes of its use. We will tell about what this view is good about and its shortcomings. You will also learn about other early ripe species, but also with identical properties. And also, see her photo.

Description grade 1305

Glory 1305 (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata) - white cabbage. The variety was bred long ago and has an average ripening period. 130 days pass from the emergence of shoots to harvest. The variety has good keeping quality, is resistant to cracking and yields a crop of up to 12 kg per square meter.

Cabbage Glory - characteristics:

  1. the diameter of the head reaches 25 cm;
  2. round, slightly flattened shape;
  3. the weight of the head goes up to 4.5 kg;
  4. upper leaves have a light green tint;
  5. the flesh is almost white.


Slava has a medium-sized sheet rosette, slightly raised. Slightly wrinkled, rounded leaves, pale green, solid, medium-sized, with a wavy edge and a slight waxy bloom.

Reference. Heads of cabbage can be of two types of flat-round or round, dense, large or medium size. The outer stalk is short, and inside the head is medium-sized. Average yield up to 100 kg per hectare.

A photo

Look at the photo below that clearly understand how this variety looks to distinguish it from others.

Brief history of selection

This variety of cabbage obtained by breeding in the Soviet Union. The breeder of the Gribovskaya breeding experimental station, Popova EM, became the author of Glory 1305. in 1940. (at the moment it is the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Plant Breeding and Seed Breeding). Zoned variety from foreign ancestors. Today, Glory is grown on an industrial scale in almost all regions of the country.

Distinctive features

This variety is very different from the rest of the following characteristics:

  • unpretentious in agricultural technology;
  • resistant to diseases and attacks of pests;
  • tolerates moisture deficiency;
  • high yield;
  • universality in use;
  • long storage period.
On a note. In addition, due to the shape of the head and the structure of the leaves, cabbage Glory is not subject to cracking. Therefore, it perfectly conveys transportation.

Marketers love this variety of cabbage, because head of cabbage retains its presentation for more than three months, with proper storage. When grown in the garden, each gardener can feast on the salad, from fresh cabbage until winter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, the variety of this cabbage was bred for the non-black-earth part of our country, as it plays an important role for Russia. In many reference books describing the Glory 1305 you can read exactly this information in the description of the variety. In these areas, the soil is weakly saturated with humus, but very often it rains, which contributes to the rapid maturation of the crop. But over time, it became clear that Slava tolerates dry periods well, so it began to grow in all regions.

The advantages include indicators such as:

  1. resistance to low temperatures;
  2. practically does not form flower stalks;
  3. excellent taste in any form;
  4. high yield.

Like any culture, cabbage Glory has negative sides:

  • high susceptibility to root disease - keel;
  • often affected by vascular bacteriosis;
  • it cannot withstand fusarium wilt.

But if you choose the right and prepare the seeds for planting, processing them with modern preparations, then these troubles can be avoided.

Similar varieties

Consider the mid-season varieties of white cabbage, which have the same performance as Glory, in yield and taste.

Belorusskaya 455

An old and quite popular variety. Long stored, does not crack and has good taste in a fermented form. The weight of one fork reaches 4 kg, the mass is dense and tasty.


Cabbage bred by domestic breeders, very productive. Biological maturity occurs in late August, the harvest is produced when the first frost occurs. Long shelf life - until February. Fork weight - 3.5 kg. per square meter you can collect up to 12 kg.

Rinda F1

The hybrid is partitioned in Holland. This mid-season variety can be stored for a long time right on the vine. It has white and yellow inner leaves. The grade is universal, it is good both fresh, and in preparations. Yield average 9 kg per square.


Variety bred 1960. A distinctive feature is resistance to diseases. Heads reach 4.5 kg, dense, do not crack. Suitable for pickles. From a square you can collect 10-11 kg.

Megaton F1

A productive, mid-seasoned hybrid of Dutch breeders. Resistant to all kinds of diseases that cabbage is exposed to. It tolerates little frosts. High-yielding variety, as with the right farming techniques, cabbages can grow up to 10 kg. Well kept until February, has a great presentation.

How to distinguish from other species?

Important! It is very difficult to distinguish the seeds of one variety of cabbage from another. Do not purchase planting material from your hands, it is better to go shopping at a special store.

Consider the packaging carefully, it must be labeled with an expiration date, and the grade is determined. It must be remembered that the shelf life of seeds can not exceed 4 years. Overdue seeds are better not to buy, as they may simply not germinate.

If cabbage is bought on the market with ready-made seedlings, then only early variety or late can be distinguished. For example, in early varieties, the leaves have an almost emerald color, and their bush is small and squat.

Later varieties to which Slava cabbage belongs have a darker, slightly bluish foliage color, which is located on an elongated bush.

What is it used for?

This cabbage variety is widely used due to its excellent taste., for example:

  • In the fresh form of cabbage make various salads, it can be fried and stewed with various ingredients. A variety of salads will allow, will not happen even once during the whole growing season.
  • Cabbage is good in borscht and pickle, it makes excellent soup.
  • Glory produces excellent salads for the winter, it is marinated, pickled, and also used for pickling.

Our ancestors used cabbage not only for food, but also as medicine. For example, diseased joints were wrapped with cabbage leaves. A steamed vegetable was treated with stomach and intestinal colic. It is no secret that sauerkraut juice is used as a drink, after wild strollers, to relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

Every year, gardeners come up with all the new ways and recipes, which include this useful and tasty product.


Cabbage Glory is a popular culture that even a novice can grow. The unpretentiousness of the variety allows to get a big harvest even on poor soils, while the main requirement is abundant watering. If the culture is grown on nutrient rich soil, it will calmly endure dry periods and lack of moisture.

Cabbage is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements that are beneficial to the human body, even in a pickled and pickled form, it retains its excellent properties.

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