Easy and transportable eco greenhouse "Country"

An early thaw, and immediately after it frost, a spring thunderstorm, the first snow that fell late, what to say: summer resident life is full of surprisesbut it is not always pleasant surprises.

And if you want to protect your seedlings from the vagaries of nature, we propose to use eco greenhouse "Dachny".

This is a very convenient, lightweight and compact design. allows you to quickly and effortlessly at times to increase the harvest in the country.

And although it has long been known that any crop is the result of hard work and hard work, it is enough to install a greenhouse to be sure: while you enjoy legal rest, he will work.

How does the eco greenhouse "Dachny"?

A greenhouse allows you to create an ideal microclimate for plants: a world without pests, without thunderstorm rain and harmful temperature drops.

This is possible due to the special coating "Agrotex42". Unlike glass, it allows moisture to pass through.

No harmful chemical vapors form inside it. He constantly keeps a steady temperature: in the daytime 5-10, at night - 1.5-3 C).

What is Agrotex? It:

  • ecologicaly clean;
  • non-woven;
  • UV protected material.

Greenhouse "Country" will also save you from unnecessary hassle on transportation. After all, Agrotex is a light material..

In turn, the plastic arches of the frame are covered with anti-corrosion material. This allows us to state with confidence that the design will last you a long time. The diameter of the pipe is 20 mm.

What plants will be comfortable here?

Greenhouse use allows to increase the yield any country culture. But one of the most important advantages of Agrotex is the ability keep warm for a long timein spite of any external factors.

That is why it is best to use a greenhouse to protect plants that do not tolerate temperature drops.

Where to put?

Grow roots in the ground? Dismiss, this is not about him. Eco greenhouse "Country" - something like comfortable tent for your seedlings.

It does not require an additional foundation (the arcs simply drive into the ground) and can migrate from one point of your garden to another.

Carefully take care of your garden and garden, for it is precisely known that the plants lovingly raised by its owner produce several times more tasty fruits. We wish you early spring and generous harvests..

A photo

On the photo gallery the greenhouse "Dachny":

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