"Prestige" from the Colorado potato beetle: how to process potatoes before planting

The main pest of potatoes is still the Colorado potato beetle. For many years, gardeners are trying to find an effective tool in the fight against it. Of all known today, one of the best is the prestige beetle drug. What is this tool and what are its features, we will tell further.

"Prestige": description, composition and release form

The drug is a concentrated suspension, which is diluted in different proportions, depending on the method of application. The tool consists of pentsikuron (150 g / l) and imidacloprid (140 g / l). The latter is attributed to chloronicotinyls - substances that have a fast and powerful contact action. Penticurone is a pesticide aimed at fighting fungal diseases. Thus, “Prestige” is not only a poison from the Colorado potato beetle, but also a means of fighting fungal infections of plants.

The drug begins to actively act as soon as the treated planting material is planted in the ground. Thanks to moisture, Prestige moves from the tuber to the surrounding soil, creating a protective halo around it. During germination and growth of the tops of the plant absorbs the tool, spreading it to all cells. Thus, protection against lepidopteran and even-winged pests is maintained throughout the growing season. "Prestige" for processing potatoes helps in the same period to protect the plant from powdery mildew, brown rust, scab, rot and other fungal diseases.

Important! To ensure that the drug has the maximum effect, it is desirable to use it together with neighbors. If your plots are close, nothing is separated, and the neighbors refuse to use it, no matter how much you handle the landing, the bugs will fly around again and again.
In addition, the "Prestige" for processing potatoes helps the plant to endure strong heat, temperature changes, lack of light and other stressful conditions. It also accelerates plant growth, contributes to the formation of the species in tubers.

The principle of the drug and the advantages of its use

The tool has two active components. Imidacloprid fights insects. Penetrating into the body of an insect, it affects its nervous system, blocking the transmission of impulses, because of which the insect is paralyzed and dies. Penticurone is a pesticide that is a fungicide with a long lasting protective effect.

Did you know? The advantage of the drug is that you can process the tubers once before planting, and you will not have to use the anti-beetle remedy anymore. But it does not act against the wireworm, although the instruction promises that the worm will not harm the tubers.
Many wonder whether it is harmful to process potatoes before planting Prestige. A characteristic feature of the action of the tool is that its components from the soil and planting tubers move up the plant, accumulating in the leaves, but they do not go back down. Therefore, young tubers remain clean of the drug. 53 days after the treatment of the planting material, no residues of the preparation are detected in the new tubers. "Prestige" for potatoes, according to the instructions, perfectly fights fungal diseases. Pentsicuron contact fungicide remains not only in planted potatoes, but also in the surrounding soil. Protective properties are maintained for two months, and the decomposition of the funds passes 40 days after treatment.

Instructions for use of the drug "Prestige": when to process and how

According to the instructions "Prestige" from the Colorado potato beetle can be used to process tubers before germination, just before planting, as well as to protect seedlings.

Important! The mixture must be prepared on the day of application and mix well before direct spraying. Processing material 2 hours before planting.
How to dilute the "Prestige" for potato processing depends on how you plan to process the plant. If it is necessary to process the planting material, take 50 ml of the suspension, which is diluted in three liters of water. This amount can be processed 50 kg of tubers. To do this, they are scattered evenly on a sheet of roofing material or film. Layer must be no higher than three potatoes. Then they are covered with a solution from a spray so that each tuber is processed for at least. In extreme cases, after drying, the potatoes can be turned over and processed on the other side. The quality of treatment also depends on the continuity of the spray torch.

Important! On the question of whether it is possible to process sliced ​​potatoes with “Prestige”, there is no answer in the instruction, but experienced gardeners strongly discourage this.
It is necessary to spray germinated and slightly heated potatoes. Two hours later, he is ready to disembark. Planting material is shipped to the landing site wrapped in a bag. Thanks to this procedure, it destroys dangerous microorganisms, infection, increases plant protection for the period of its germination.

You can process the tubers and before germination, in about 10-15 days. This increases the protection of potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle before planting and for the entire growing season. In this case, the suspension is dissolved in proportions of 30 ml of concentrate per 600 ml of water. It is also sprayed from a spray bottle and allowed to dry after processing. Then the potatoes lay on the germination, and before planting, re-processing according to the principle described above.

Did you know? Such potatoes can be simultaneously treated with biologically active substances and growth regulators. Each potato must be processed at least 90%. But it is desirable to pre-test for compatibility.
The drug can be used to protect seedlings of other vegetable crops. How to breed "Prestige" for processing potatoes in this case? Take 10 ml of the drug, which is diluted in 1 liter of water. In this tool the roots of seedlings are lowered for 8 hours. Then the seedlings are removed and immediately planted in the beds. Act means begins immediately after treatment.

Security measures when working with the drug "Prestige"

The drug belongs to the third class of toxicity. This means that it is harmful to humans. Therefore, before preparing the suspension, it is necessary to protect the skin of the hands and the respiratory tract by wearing rubber gloves and a respirator. During the spraying of the drug should wear a hat, protective clothing and a mask to protect the face.

Important! Processing potatoes before planting "Prestige" does not eliminate the need to use drugs from other pests and diseases.
Spraying is necessary in calm weather and make sure that the drug does not get on other plants and animals. During the procedure, you can not eat or drink, as well as be distracted by smoke breaks.

At the end of the treatment, the clothes are removed, they are sent to the wash, the hands and face are thoroughly washed, the throat and nasopharynx are washed with water, and a shower is taken. Do not forget to wash your entire inventory well.

Harm and benefits of the drug "Prestige"

"Prestige" from the Colorado potato beetle, according to the instructions for use, completely leaves the tubers in 50-60 days. Therefore, they can only process potato varieties that ripen in August: medium late or medium. It is not recommended to use it for early varieties, since the poison will not have time to get out of the tubers.

It is the toxicity of the drug is its main drawback. Therefore, it is recommended to use it as a last resort, when no other less aggressive means has helped. Another unpleasant feature of the drug is that it is quite expensive.

But in general, the processing of potatoes "Prestige" has an effective impact that they would not say to those who doubt its harm or benefit. Of course, provided that the original drug was used, and not fake. On the market there are a lot of drugs of dubious quality with a similar design and an identical name. Need to know that the original drug is produced only by Bayer and distributed through official representatives in the country. The label on the preparation must be in the state language of the country in which it is implemented. It should have a set list of information, including how to prepare the solution correctly. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to purchase the drug at proven specialized points.

Storage conditions and shelf life of chemical means

The drug should be stored in its original packaging in a dry place where the temperature is kept at a level from -20 ° C to +40 ° C. The place must be inaccessible to animals and children. Food, water, feed and combustible materials should not be kept nearby. It can be stored for no more than two years.

Gardeners have been struggling for many years over the question of how to treat potatoes for pests before planting. Today, they are offered an effective tool "Prestige", which not only destroys pests, but also protects the plant from a number of fungal diseases. It affects not only the tubers, but also the tops, and therefore has a complex effect, increasing the yield of potatoes. The only drawback of the drug - the third class of toxicity. It can be used only for late and medium potato varieties, since it is derived from plants no earlier than two months later. You also need to be careful when handling planting material, to comply with a number of protective measures. In addition, the cost of the drug rather big, and there is a big risk to buy a fake.

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