Since the beginning of the year, sugar prices in Ukraine have increased

According to the information of NASU "Ukrtsukor", the wholesale selling cost for the first month of the current year has increased on average by 5.5% and currently fluctuates between UAH 14.10-14.50 / kg. According to the head of the analytical department Ruslana Butylo, this situation is justified by the growth of tariffs on the world market: “For the period from December 29, 2016, the cost of sugar on the London Stock Exchange increased by almost 4% ($ 20.1 / t) raw cane on the New York Stock Exchange increased by 6% ($ 25.3 / t), "she explains.

According to her, the Ukrainian cost is correlated with large tariffs, so the more the prices change on a large market, the more it will affect prices in Ukraine. However, the increase in the minimum prices for sugar and sugar beet for the coming year has absolutely no effect on pricing: "Retail prices for sugar are absolutely not dependent on the minimum cost, and as a result, it cannot be said that if the minimum minimum tariffs increase, the retail prices will increase including the current increased minimum cost is still less than the one for which sugar is sold on the market, "commented Ruslana Butylo.

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