When to cut indoutok for meat

Muscovy ducks, or indouki, for the high taste of meat and lack of care in the care received wide demand among breeders in many European countries. Breeding birds is a simple process that does not require special skills or experience. To grow a duck with high exterior and productive qualities, it is important to adhere to a few simple rules when keeping it: consider them in the article.

Indoout meat

Breeding musk ducks is interesting for breeders, first of all, to get a good dietary meat product.

Did you know? The homeland of the musk duck is Central America, where it was domesticated in the 18th century. On the territory of the post-Soviet countries, the bird has acquired the name indouout, ostensibly from its hybrid origin from duck and turkey. However, this is not true; it is an independent species of bird, its long-time relatives were wild ducks.

Taste qualities

Indoout meat is extremely tasty, aromatic and satisfying. It has a soft, delicate texture, unlike the meat of ordinary ducks, does not have a characteristic slightly unpleasant smell and taste. Musk meat exceeds chicken in taste and dietary properties, and pork and beef in speed of assimilation. Indoout meat Duck meat is perfect for cooking various dishes. It can be boiled, stewed, baked. Experienced cooks advise before cooking to pour over the product with boiling water, then he will reveal all his tastes, while maintaining tenderness and juiciness.

It is interesting to learn how to grow an indoutok in an incubator.

Benefit and harm

Indoout meat is popular not only because of its excellent taste, but also because of its extraordinary benefits to the human body. Valuable properties due to the unique chemical composition of the product. He contains:

  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins A, C, E, D, K;
  • a large amount of mineral substances - potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, sodium, molybdenum, boron;
  • saturated acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

In large quantities, the product contains protein, which is responsible for the normal formation of bone and muscle tissue, relieves fatigue after intense physical and mental stress. In addition, the meat is practically not composed of cholesterol, which makes it possible to use it for people who are prone to obesity, with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, athletes.

Find out how useful duck meat.

Unique in composition, duck fat, which is presented in moderation, helps cleanse the body, eliminate carcinogenic substances, and improve metabolic processes. Vitamin A improves skin condition, helps restore vision. The presence of amino acids in meat allows you to increase male potency, normalize the work of the reproductive system, stimulate the work of male and female hormones. Trace elements in the composition of the product have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calm, relieve tension, normalize sleep.

Despite the high benefits of poultry meat, it cannot be called unconditional. Excessive consumption of the product can cause harm to the body and cause some illnesses.

The main contraindications to the use of the product are:

  • diseases associated with the excretory organs, including the kidneys;
  • disorders in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • gout;
  • intolerance to a product that develops in rare cases.
It is also not recommended to use duck meat for people suffering from obesity. In most cases, the harm is associated with over-eating the product, so its consumption must be dosed.

In how many months it is better to cut the indoutok for meat

It is possible to get the maximum benefit from the meat of this duck, provided the correct choice of poultry carcass. As practice shows, it is not enough to cook a product, because if the indoutry turns out to be an old, good, healthy dish, it will not work.

The bird belongs to the category of early ripening and reaches maturity already in 2.5-3 months. It was at this time that her meat gets a pleasant taste, becomes soft and tender. At a later age, the duck begins to rush, which negatively affects the quality of meat.

What to feed the indoutok for meat

To musk ducks rapidly gaining weight, they need to organize an appropriate balanced diet.

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the rules of feeding musk ducks.


Obligatory products in the duck ration should be cereals: rye, millet, oats, barley, legumes, corn. They must be given to birds at least three times a day. Special mixers are made from cereals, adding a little kitchen waste, steaming barley, boiling corn. Food should be chopped and chopped.

In the winter-spring period, each adult bird should account for 30 g of barley and wheat, 20 g of oats. Cereals need to be pre-soaked in water for 2-2.5 hours. Such food is almost 80% digested, and, due to the high carbohydrate content, gives the duck energy for the whole day.


Vegetables, fresh herbs and tops of plants should be given to the bird in sufficient quantities constantly. Among vegetables, ducks prefer zucchini, carrots, beets, pumpkins. These products contain many useful micro and macro elements, vitamins, which positively affects the health of the bird, the work of its digestive system, and the rate of weight gain.

Muscovy ducks, like chickens, do not require specific housing conditions, but it is still necessary to properly equip a growing room.

As a rule, the green mass is crushed and mixed with wet mash. Such "dishes" should be 20% of the poultry menu. You can not limit the amount of fresh cabbage, because it improves digestion, a positive effect on the quality of feathers. Boiled beets and potatoes are allowed to be given in the amount of up to 20% of the total diet, and carrots are sufficient 10-15%.

Green feed

Green foods are also an integral part of balanced nutrition indoutok. It is recommended to use feeds with a moisture content not exceeding 18%. They are given a little, gradually increasing the portion.

Aquatic vegetation is considered to be the favorite delicacies of ducks: Lemna, Elodea, etc. It is rich in proteins, trace elements, vitamins, thanks to which it has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the bird and the taste of meat. Adults are recommended to feed 0.5 kg of this mixture, young animals - starting with 15 g of plants, gradually increasing the dosage.


It is considered justified to feed the ducks with granulated feed, which are given along with vitamin supplements. Combined feeds contain all the elements necessary for normal growth and development, therefore they are excellent in the period of active growth of a duck, gaining weight, and raising young stock.

VIDEO: RECIPE FOR COMPOUND MUSCLE DUCK FORD Specialized food can be purchased at pet stores.

Mineral feed

Mineral and vitamin supplements in the menu of musk duck should always be, but most importantly provide them in the winter and early spring. With the help of the minifill you can achieve amazing results: an active increase in the meat part, an increase in egg production, an increase in the percentage of hatchability of eggs. In order not to "guess" with the recipe feeding, it is bought in specialized stores in finished form.

Important! Plucking each other's feathers indicates that the ducks lack nutrients, particularly vitamins and greens. In such cases, it is recommended to adjust the diet.
Mineral supplements are also required for the process of forming eggs with a hard shell. As such additives are used:

  • crushed egg shells, chalk or shell, which are mixed into the main diet;
  • salt. It is necessary to add in small doses, up to 0.2%;
  • coarse sand or gravel required for digestion of cereals and solid foods in the stomach. In a week the recommended dose is 10 g.

How often to feed

Convenience breeding musk ducks is that they are unpretentious in the diet and can do pasture for a long time. It is recommended to feed the birds in small portions, up to 5-7 times a day. Food must be crushed.

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In most cases, the frequency of feeding is determined by the duck itself: it can go to the trough all the time. Therefore, it is recommended to leave some dry food in the dishes. Wet food should be removed after each feeding, as it dries quickly and deteriorates.

How to choose the right indouin carcass when buying

Not all are engaged in the cultivation of indoutok in their own farm - the vast majority of people prefer to buy a bird carcass in stores or markets.

We recommend to read how to properly and quickly pluck a duck at home.

To surprise loved ones with a delicious culinary masterpiece based on musk duck meat, you should choose the right carcass, drawing attention to the following aspects:

  1. Skin. The poultry skin should have a beige, slightly yellowish color, without any blotches, stains, etc. Its surface is smooth, shiny, without gusts, properly processed.
  2. Meat color. Good fresh meat has a color ranging from light pink to pale red. The presence of a dirty red tint indicates that the product is stale. Fresh bird to touch slightly wet.
  3. Leather. The skin on top should be elastic, with pressure it is easy to return to its original appearance. No sticky layer or mucus is allowed on the skin.
  4. Smell. From the carcass should spread a pleasant, slightly sweet smell. Sharp, stale, characteristic "duck" flavor indicates dull dullness or that it was grown in violation of conditions of detention.
  5. Dimensions. It is better to buy a medium-sized carcass, since the larger ones contain a large amount of adipose tissue, which during heat treatment can give an unpleasant taste and smell. Small carcasses, on the contrary, practically have no fat, due to which the meat is dry and harsh.
Did you know? The best option for the preparation of delicious meat is the choice of young ducks, because the old can have an unpleasant smell. You can determine the age by the beak - in young it is soft, in the paws - they are yellow, and in fat under the tail - in young animals it is transparent.


The secrets of cooking meat

If you cook the duck meat correctly, it will not only become the main dish on the dinner table, but also serve as a means for the prevention of various diseases. To get the maximum taste and useful qualities from the product, professional chefs advise you to use several secrets:

  • for cooking it is recommended to use a chilled carcass, as dishes from thawed duck can be harsh, unaccurate;
  • for soft, tender and juicy meat should be before cooking, pour the carcass with boiling water;
  • before baking the duck in the oven, it should be marinated for at least 2 hours, using spices, sour cream, various broths and sauces to taste;
Important! Marinating the product for more than 3 hours is not necessary: ​​the meat will lose its taste and become tough.
  • the time of roasting meat directly depends on the weight of the carcass: 1 kg at 180 ° C is baked for one hour, respectively, it will take two hours to prepare 2 kg;
  • to form an appetizing crisp, every 15 minutes should open the oven door and pour the duck with the resulting juice. At the same time you get a beautiful ruddy crust, and the meat will remain juicy and tender.
Against the backdrop of traditional chickens and geese "foreigner" musk duck is a real queen. The bird is unpretentious in the care and nutrition, does not require special conditions of detention, and at the same time allows you to get valuable, healthy and tasty meat: Indoorie dishes will be equally pleasant for children and adults.


It all depends on how you feed your ducks. If it is good, then they can be cut in 6 months, at this age they can already be plucked normally, and the meat will be very tender and soft.

In a 2–2, 5-month period, indies were already formed. At this age, they can be allowed for slaughter. We slaughter the indoutok at the age of 3-4 months, but at this age it is difficult to pinch them. By this time the drakes grow huge, and the ducks are much smaller. Ducks are always significantly inferior in weight to the drakes.

Indeutoki tend to ripen quickly, and they can be slaughtered when the bird reaches the age of 2 2, 5 months. At a later age, ducks begin to rush, which affects the quality of the meat.