Overview of the incubator for eggs "Stimul IP-16"

There are breeds of chickens, such as, for example, the beautiful Dutch white-cooled, who skimp on their maternal duties and do not want to hatch eggs. Other hens are trying to faithfully fulfill their parental duty, but external circumstances interfere. So the person invented the incubator in a timely manner and thus significantly increased the chicken population, which now exceeds three times the number of people on the planet. And today there are many models of incubators of all sizes, shapes and functions. And among these devices there are very advanced ones.


The Stimulus IP-16 industrial incubator is a unit intended for incubating the eggs of all birds of agricultural interest. It consists of closed rooms of a certain functional orientation, controlled by a single program of automatic regulation of incubation parameters.

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In general, incubators are divided into:

  • pre or incubationin which the eggs undergo the process of incubation until the chicks are pecked from the shell;
  • hatchwhere chickens are freed from the shell and are released;
  • combinedin which both processes occur in different chambers.

"Stimulus IP-16" belongs to the preliminary type of incubators, that is, it is intended for incubation up to the appearance of young stock, which already occurs in another incubator. It is a large cabinet with heating, lighting, ventilation, in which trays of eggs are placed on special multi-tier racks, called carts.

In addition, the incubator can not do without:

  • devices that monitor and regulate air temperature;
  • humidifiers;
  • humidity sensors;
  • devices that maintain the desired humidity through humidifiers;
  • alarms;
  • rotary mechanisms for egg trays.

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The features of this model include:

  • the possibility of functioning by a single-stage loading method, which, however, allows dozakladka egg batches;
  • the ability of the unit to consist of blocks assembled from any number of cameras;
  • the presence in the design of four incubation carts, having the function of turning the trays.

This model is produced in the town of Pushkin in the Moscow region by the Stimul-Ink research and production organization, which has already earned a reputation in the market as a reputable manufacturer of agricultural equipment, distinguished by innovative technologies and quality of execution.

Did you know? Although the chickens are quietly rushing without the presence of a rooster in their society, however, this product is not suitable for incubators. Full incubator eggs can be obtained only with the participation in the process of roosters.


This incubator is an impressive design weighing almost a ton, or rather, in 920 kg. Moreover, its dimensions are characterized by:

  • 2.12 m wide;
  • depth of 2.52 m;
  • 2.19 m high
Having in its composition a lot of equipment and devices that consume electricity, the unit, however, has a total power of only 4.6 kW.

Production characteristics

This incubator is able to accommodate at once the number of eggs:

  • 16128 chickens;
  • quail - 39680 pieces;
  • ducks - 9360 pieces;
  • goose - 6240;
  • turkey - 10400;
  • Ostrich - 320 pcs.

Although the unit uses a single-stage loading system, it may well use the method of adding egg batches.

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Incubator Functionality

In order for the incubator to successfully fulfill its main function (incubation), all other functions of the aggregate must be coordinated, clearly and effectively:

  1. Only one computer with its software can manage the work of all the incubation chambers, which is facilitated by the installed control system and the dispatch control in automatic mode. All information received about the activities of the systems of the unit is immediately processed, documented and displayed on a computer monitor in the form of tables and diagrams, which allows you to monitor the state of virtually every tray and unit as a whole.
  2. A cooling system consisting of a radiator with two circuits, solenoid valve regulates the flow of water and controls the entire cooling process.
  3. Three tubular electric heaters, protected from corrosion by a special coating, form a heating system that provides the optimum temperature for the full development of embryos in eggs.
  4. The turning system ensures the turning of trays with eggs up to 45 degrees, which guarantees the normal course of the incubation process.
  5. If the air temperature in the chamber has risen to 38.3 degrees, the air exchange system lowers the temperature, in parallel providing the necessary air exchange with the environment.
  6. The necessary humidity in the chamber is achieved by evaporating the water supplied by the nozzle.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of the model "Stimulus IP-16" include:

  • the ability to automatically rotate trays;
  • safe incubator service conditions;
  • ergonomic qualities;
  • accurate biological control, eliminating infection of eggs;
  • remote control of the process through a simple computer;
  • rationally arranged ventilation, heating and cooling chambers;
  • good adaptability of a body consisting of modules for optimal placement of eggs, regardless of their size;
  • durability and wear resistance of the case;
  • easy installation of the unit;
  • possibility of modifying the ventilation system depending on the requirements of the user.
Judging by the reviews, there are no significant deficiencies in this model. Some complaints are only occasionally encountered in the operation of the electronic temperature control system.

Instructions on the use of equipment

Although the maintenance of equipment does not cause any special difficulties, its correct operation still requires the observance of certain rules, which are primarily associated with the peculiarities of the birth of a new life in a soulless egg.

Did you know? To cook a hard-boiled ostrich egg, it must be boiled for 2 hours.

Preparing the incubator for work

The process of preparing the unit for incubation seems to be routine, monotonous and often unnecessarily scrupulous. However, in fact, this stage of the incubation process is built on numerous mistakes, which were based precisely on the underestimation of the preparatory stage.

Today, generally accepted rules for preparing chickens for equipment for the operation of chickens consist of several actions:

  1. Washing and disinfection of equipment both inside and outside. This operation should be performed after each incubation cycle.
  2. Setting the optimum humidity in the chambers. The level of this humidity depends on the bird whose eggs are laid in the plant. For example, future chickens need 50% of moisture, but for ducks and goslings moisture should be reduced to 80% already.
  3. Setting temperature parameters that differ in different periods of incubation.
  4. Preparation for laying eggs, which should fall into the trays, and then - in the chamber with fresh, clean, about the same size with a uniform shell.

Egg laying

The end result also depends on the timely and proper laying of eggs in the incubator. And here too there are strict rules:

  1. Eggs can be laid vertically or horizontally. The latter position is mandatory for eggs of dimensional breeds of birds such as ostrich or turkey.
  2. Chicken eggs are laid incubator with automatic flip trays, as in the "Stimulus IP-16", a narrow end down.
  3. It is recommended for each bookmark to select a product of the same size.
  4. When selecting a bookmark, it is useful to use an over-sight. Egg trays are stacked by hand.
  5. Before laying eggs, they should be disinfected with ultraviolet light.
  6. Also before laying it is necessary to keep the filling product in a room with a temperature of 25 degrees heat.
  7. Before placing eggs incubator must be preheated.
Important! Do not lay eggs in an incubator cold. This may cause the micropores in the shell to become clogged, and this will cause problems with the further development of the embryos.


The process of incubation itself is also subject to certain rules that directly affect the success of the final result, which is able to achieve 95% on the IP-16 Stimulus.

The preliminary incubation process consists of three main steps:

  1. First stage It lasts for 6 days, during which the humidity level is maintained within 65%, and the temperature is maintained between 37.5 and 37.8 degrees Celsius. Eggs in trays are rotated six or eight times a day.
  2. Second incubation stage passes between 7 and 11 days. At this time, the humidity is reduced to 50%, and the temperature is consistently maintained at 37.5 ... 37.7 degrees. Rotation of the trays of the camera is carried out with the same frequency.
  3. Third incubation stage runs between 12 and 18 days. The temperature during this period decreases to 37.5 degrees, and the humidity, on the contrary, increases to 75%, which is achieved by spraying trays from the nozzle. On the 18th day, the eggs are transferred to the Stimulus IV-16 hatchery incubator.
Important! Intervals between turns of trays in an incubator should not exceed 12 hours. No wonder the hen in the nest of the hen house rolls the eggs almost every hour.

Device price

With many undoubted advantages of the Stimulus IP-16 incubator listed above, its average market price of 9,5 thousand dollars (about 250 thousand UAH or 540 thousand rubles) is considered quite acceptable.

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If you follow the reviews of the work of this incubator, then they can be divided into two parts:

  1. Consumers using equipment for industrial purposes, note the rapid payback of the incubator, its quality, reliability and a high degree of automation.
  2. The opposite opinion of those who purchased the unit for home use. They complain about its high energy intensity, which is expressed in a large consumption of electricity and water, and also - on bulkiness.
From this it can be concluded that Stimul IP-16 fits well with large poultry enterprises and large farms, but is not intended for modest rural farmsteads.

Modern industrial incubator "Stimul IP-16" is a smart machine that can quickly, clearly and sensitively respond to the needs of the emerging new life and create optimal conditions for it.

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I support dmitrij68. I have been at various agricultural exhibitions, I will say one thing, all such incubators are of the same build quality, and the incentives, despite all the shortcomings, work and work not badly. And yet, if you lay an egg for 250 tr, then it is stupid to rely only on equipment, you need to have in stock bmi, temperature and humidity sensors, everything else is in the electrical goods store.
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